Is Heavy Menstrual-Bleeding Caused Due To Hypothyroidism?


Are you experiencing prolonged periods? Well, this can be one of the consequences of increased thyroid-gland activity. In fact, heavy and prolonged periods are the signs of abnormal thyroids. If your thyroid gland is producing more hormones than what is required, then you might face this kind of situation.

Increased thyroid and prolonged periods:

Nagging and prolonged periods with severe bleeding and cramp cannot be tolerated for long. This condition will make you very much weak from inside as all your energies will be drained out via bleeding. Many women initially neglect this condition, but you should not do the same. This is because the negligence of this situation might end-up with some dreadful health issues especially anemia.

Hypothyroidism is the exact condition that leads to heavy and painful bleeding during periods. This happens when thyroid-gland becomes over-stimulated. This over-stimulation leads to the creation of more and more thyroid-hormones. Hypothyroidism might occur due to various reasons like unhealthy lifestyle especially and alcohol drinking, intake of excessive junk-foods, depression or tension and others.

If hypothyroidism is not treated on time, then you will never get freedom from heavy periods. In this case, you should immediately rush to your nearest gynecologist to get a detailed pelvic-examination done. Different hormone-level tests need to be conducted to know the actual thyroid-hormone count. Proper rest and medications will help you to recover soon. The doctor will also give you few important suggestions that can make your periods and thyroid-hormones regulated.